Whatshallwedonext is a Youtube channel created by Michael Fessey on November 17th 2012. Michael named the channel 'whatshallwedonext' as he did not want a permanent channel name that would catorgorize him to limited types of videos. He is the only user on the channel and said in one of his videos "I named the channel whatshallwedonext because I want you guys (talking to his viewers) to be involved too! what shall we do next? all of us together not just me".


Whatshallwedonext was originially known for his 'Chatroulette and Omegle' videos were he would go onto online chat sites such as 'Omegle' and 'Chatroulette' and use a screen recorder to capture the reactions of the random people when he would prank or troll them with a number of different props he has such as a chainsaw and a life size figure of a ghostly dead girl similar to the girl from 'The Ring' or 'The Grudge'.

Whatshallwedonext is also known for his wall of YouTubers as his video background, his collection of snapbacks hanging on his closet, his sense of humor and mixed personalities in each video such as acting extremely femenine in one video but will appear to act very 'gangster' in the next. 

He created three more channels (whatshallwedonextVlogs and whatshallwedonextReviews) as he wanted a channel to be able to communicate with his viewers and show the real side of him (whatshallwedonextVlogs), He wanted to do reviews on his huge collection of DVDs and share his opinion and passion for movies (whatshallwedonextReviews) and his latest channel is for game play and commentaries (whatshallwedonextGaming).

Personal LifeEdit

Whatshallwedonext (Michael Fessey) was born on August 30th 1992, aged 24 years. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

Michael is an British YouTuber from Liverpool who fakes an American accent and is currently living in Malone, NY. He is currently 'chasing his dream' of becoming a successful YouTuber and is hoping this will open more opportunities for his acting career. Michael mentioned in a video he suffered chronic depression from the approximate age of 13 years old and stated sometimes feeling 'suicidal'. He had also lost his father to suicide when he was just a baby as his father also suffered severe depression but Michael says " It is not because of my dad I feel this way, it is simply because I am not living the life I want to live, that is why I do what I do and chase my dream. Although it feels impossible to get there, never give up".

Whatshallwedonext is a comedy channel for comedy videos only but Michael wanted his fans to see the real side to him aswell as the characters he portrays in his main channel and thus whatshallwedonextVlogs was born!



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